The Top 8 English Medium Schools in Bhubaneswar

The panorama of schools in Bhubaneswar is huge. Enumerated with a number of vernacular medium schools since its establishment, the state capital started with 3 English Medium Schools- DM Public School, St. Joseph’s Convent and Central School in the early 1950s and has emerged as the educational hub … Read More

5 Popular Beaches in Odisha and How to Get There from Bhubaneswar

Odisha beaches are represented by vast stretches of golden sandy land, deep blue sea and pleasant weather. The beautiful sea side beaches of Odisha provide the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to experience the natural scenic beauty of the place. The sea beaches of the state draws several … Read More

14 Tailor-made Facebook Timeline Covers Based on Bhubaneswar

Inspired by the popular response to our assorted collection of photographs on Bhubaneswar/Odisha, we thought it would be even better to make them available for download in the Facebook Timeline Cover Format so you could use them if you feel like. The advantage of using these images as your … Read More

Opportunities for Photographers in Bhubaneswar

Back in the 80’s, being photographed inside the studio was exhilarating. That moment when you would enter the studio and stand against a wall coated with wallpapers telling a story of some imaginary countryside. Remember that? Who would have thought of this day we can capture a moment with our … Read More